Our mission is to extend thought-provoking dance performances
to a broad range of audiences; making dance accessible to the public
using site-specific work as well as maintaining artistically current
theatrical works for paying audiences. Our work is technical,
diverse, and interactive. As dancers and human beings, we aim to
splinter the perception of everyday life and provide the viewer with dance
that questions the scope of each human’s experiences.

Visit us on the web at: www.splinterdance.org

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  1. Hello, my Name Is Drew Wagner And Your Group Just got Done Performing At New Horizons High School In Pasco, WA. I introduced And thanked All Of You For The Work You Are Doing. Those Routines Were Definately “Something Else” As I Would Say. Im 17 Years old And For The Past years I Have had My own problems. Some Relating To Some Of The Things you Do And Some Not. But Overall Those Routines Definately Touched me In A Way That Nothing Else Can. I Would Find You Guys On Facebook Although the Shcool Computers Do Not Allow Facebook On their Computer So I Must Be Patient And Wait Untill i Get Home. I Definately Am Looking Forward To Hearing Back From you Guys.
    Thank You Again,
    Sincerely, Drew Wagner

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