Splinter Dance Company

Splinter Dance Company, a program of ajusticenetwork, uses dance and movement-theater in our educational work (including, but not limited to, Diversity Dance Workshop repertoire); confronting the issues of racism, sexism, violence, the needs of the poor and the importance of unity in diversity.

In addition to performing the Diversity Dance repertoire for schools assemblies and community events, Splinter can also be hired to create theme-specific performances for corporate clients and private events.

Splinter mentors local high school youth and works directly w/ satellite groups around the state offering workshop programs to groups interested in developing theater, dance, choreography, and performance skills.

Our styles include: Hip hop, Break dance, Modern, Ballet, Salsa, Contemporary, Country Line Dance, Jazz, Tap, and Bollywood.  We cover a wide range of themes from era-based performances(20’s, 40’s, 60’s, 70’s disco, 80’s, 90’s/old skool hip hop) to Can-Can.

SIDF Special Edition, Photo: Jim Coleman