Robin Campbell – Co-Founder and Managing Director
Robin started dancing in the studio at the age of four, learning tap, ballet and jazz. Carrying on with jazz, Color Guard and Dance Team in high school, she joined a touring dance company shortly after graduating – Diversity Dance Workshop (DDW) based out of Seattle, WA. After touring with DDW for a year, she moved to Germany to pursue Diversity Dance Theater in Europe, and branched out into the professional commercial world of dance, modeling, clowning and pantomime soon thereafter. After 8 years in the industry, she moved back to Los Angeles in 2003 to complete her degree in dance from UCLA (WAC program), and moved to Seattle in 2006 to co-found ajusticenetwork (in 2006) and Splinter Dance Company (in 2009). Jazz dance is still her first love, but she’s since found ample places in her heart for hip hop, break dance, yoga, flamenco, and most recently, Bollywood!