“Splinter Dance is a young troupe that portrays weighty topics like domestic abuse, war, and racial prejudice with an emotional power that would be the envy of any seasoned company.” — Julia Hensley

“A student told me that one of his friends, who’d been experimenting with drugs and alcohol, came to him with an emotional plea for help in breaking his habit shortly after the dancers’ performance. I know other students were similarly affected.” — D.A.R.E. Officer, Pullman Police Department, WA

“Your dances really brought tears to my eyes. Now I know that drugs can rule your life. Now I know that it doesn’t matter about your skin color.” — 3rd grader, Breier Elementary School, WA

“On behalf of the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, I want to extend my appreciation for (DD&T’s) powerful performance…. The performance stirred our emotions and brought tears to our eyes. Everyone … was deeply moved.” — Training Coordinator, Family Violence Project, NV

“The multicultural dance was a powerful model for our students on how people of different backgrounds cannot only work together but can incorporate the culture of others into the things they do.” — Principal, Wilson Elementary School, Spokane’

“THANK YOU!!!! we LOVED you guys *so* much. you inpirsed us completly! Columbia Burbank High School thanks you!” — Kevin, student.

“It was a great blessing having the Splinter Dance Crew at CHS today, I would ask for nothing more than to work for you guys in designing flyers and spreading the word, maybe even one day dancing for you guys. You have inspired me into taking more dance classes and get into more arts than just music and drama. dancing is something that will be a great deal to show people my emotions and my story; through movements and music, maybe someday i’ll be as good as you, and as i said before maybe even working with your crew. peace and love on your journey.” — Edward, student

“Usually since we live in such a small area that no one recognizes, we don’t get the chance to see anything as mind-blowing and thought-provoking as the dances we saw yesterday. Thank you for coming and sharing your talents and message with us all : )” — Alex, student