ajusticenetwork produces artistic events focusing on social awareness. We bring the arts to various communities across the globe; from educational dance performances for public schools, and all ages movement/dance classes, to intimate house concerts and professional entertainment at corporate and private events. Our passion lies in bringing the arts to all communities we come into contact with and using the arts to educate and inspire social change.  We are a 501 c(3) non-profit, fiscally sponsored by Shunpike.

Our mission is to connect diverse communities to the arts in order to foster growth, collaboration, education, and cultivate a deeper understanding of the global world in which we live, work, and create.


ajusticenetwork’s goal is to foster a network of like-minded people to reach an ever-expanding audience base and interconnect diverse people and artistic disciplines for the purpose of social change. Art is born out of our encounters with the world around us; landscapes, politics, people, conversations, emotions, and reactions, followed by reflection, arrangement and finally production. By facilitating the process of networking and the creation of artistic works; by bringing inspiring performances to audiences worldwide, ajusticenetwork is able to fulfill not only its mission, but more importantly the needs of recipient communities.

As a production company dedicated to encouraging the success of all it comes into contact with, ajusticenetwork is excited to watch this network grow, and to be a part of the healing social change that all our productions champion.