GiveBIG on Tuesday, 5/5 ~ Donations support Splinter and the Diversity Dance Workshop Reunion!


Springtime is upon us once again and next week is our Annual Fundraising Campaign, as we take part in The Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG!  Each year we are honored to see the amount of support we have in the community, and we know that 2015 will leave us just as amazed.

We are really looking forward to our GiveBIG campaign next week because this year, in addition to fundraising for Splinter, we’ll be allocating a portion of the funds raised to help fund a Diversity Dance Workshop Reunion planned for this summer!

~ What your donation to ajusticenetwork supports ~

1) The DDW Reunion:
As you already know, the seed for the educational body of work that Splinter performs, began in 1992 under the name, Diversity Dance Workshop (DDW). Founded by Anna Powers and Laura Lee, the dance company brought youth from all over the world to Seattle, WA, to volunteer as performers for one year, using dance and drama to address critical social issues. It was then, and is to this day, “a unique approach to social healing.”

Over the years, DDW has been home and family to hundreds of dancers, who performed close to 186 shows each year. From Host Families, to Board Members, support volunteers to staff, DDW has touched and transformed so many lives over the past 23 years.

Although the organization eventually had to close it’s doors, it was kept alive under various names over the years, and still to this day, the repertoire and the mission live strong within Splinter Dance Company.

This Reunion is a long time coming. We are so excited to bring everyone together again to share a weekend of inspiration and heart-to-heart connections.

We encourage anyone who has been a part of, or inspired by, DDW to come join in the activities over the weekend of July 10-12th, 2015. The main event (Gala/Dinner) will be on Saturday, July 11th starting at 5pm, and tickets are on sale now!  More detailed information about the reunion can be found on our website.

During our planning meetings over the past months, the committee realized that cost may be an issue that could prohibit some people from attending the Reunion. We decided to allocate a percentage of all of our GiveBIG donations this year to help support the reunion costs, so that we have the ability to offer financial assistance to those in need.

2) Splinter Dance Company:
In addition to supporting the DDW Reunion, your donation helps Splinter Dance Company thrive and survive as a vibrant addition to the Seattle art and dance community. Monies received help us pay for studio and rehearsal space, costumes, marketing, as well as tech needs and general operating costs (web-presence etc.). We appreciate every dollar raised that helps keep us going in the work we are all so passionate about. Moving into our 6th year as a company, we have passed a milestone and are ready to move into the next 5 with power and grace. With fifteen dedicated dancers and a passion fueled by giving back to the community, Splinter is ready to get to work on new pieces as well as keep the DDW repertoire alive.

Thank you for your generous support during this year’s GiveBIG!  Click HERE to donate to ajusticenetwork and Splinter Dance Company!

With love and gratitude,

Justice, Robin and the Splinter Dancers

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