Nights at the Neptune – The Glossary: Perspectives Defined by Art

ajusticenetwork is excited to be a part of STG’s 2016 production series, Nights at the Neptune – this coming July, 2016!


We’ll be presenting our first production of, The Glossary; Perspectives Defined by Art – delving into how art and artists across disciplines express the words, “Resilience,” ” Fortitude,” and “Esteem” in their work.  Please join us in welcoming these incredible artists to the stage!  Reserve your (Free) tickets HERE!

Adrienne La Faye 

Diana Jean Oliphant 

Amber Walker 

Kayla Blau 

Ellen Newhouse 

Naomi Alstrup and The Splinter Project

Dani Tirrell 

Alex Martin

Constanze Villines (with Charly McCreary and Ian Howe)

Imana Gunawan (and AU Collective) 

Brenna Feely 

Jaime Waliczek and Jerboa Dance 

Justice Beitzel, and Splinter Dance Company



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